1,500 NFT collectibles based on curated, four-letter words in the English dictionary.

The artwork is based on a Latin alphabet design. Each letter is designed to fit into a square shape. We stack these letters in groups of four, creating a word or expression.

Each NFT has been deliberately generated by code based on the structure of each word, providing an assortment of rarity and aesthetics.

Included in this collection are fifty hand-crafted 1/1 NFTs. These are an assortment of sketches, animations, and artistic experiments that break the rules set forth by the project.

Four Letters Team

Artist Robert Brochu @8088y80y, has been using bold, minimalist forms to create his art that brings color and light where you least expect it. After more than 25 years of building on Web2, @8088y80y is teaming up with his two sons @0xOliO and @liambrochu, to create his genesis collection of Web3 art: Four Letters.

Minting on the Ethereum blockchain. Date: 2024